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The origins of
Ponte Vecchio

The plunger style coffee lever machines produced by Ponte Vecchio S.r.l are created to last over time.

Choosing to combine professionality and ethic, we agreed to follow a counter-trend of the current global market. We offer luxury and efficient coffee lever machines that respect moral principles of environmental protection.

Year 1999.

Our experience began thanks to a team of entrepreneurs with thirty years of experience.

They wanted to start up a young and dynamic company specialized in the production of professional lever coffee machines and manufacture of mechanical parts for small household appliances. The members of a highly qualified technical staff, identified as artists of the trade, still handcraft and assemble the best lever coffee machines.

Thus, our professional lever-operated lever coffee machines are considered as spontaneous forms of art. They are individually handcrafted and designed to be wrapped in elegance. Each piece presents characteristics and the asymmetries of the human hand that created them.

The seal of the brand represents a guarantee as it is manually imprinted on every lever coffee machine.

Each coffee machine branded Pontevecchio is made by expert qualified artisans.

History of Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio of Pavia dates back to 1351 and was originally built to connect the city center with the rest of the city.
Don’t you see a resemblance?
As for the city, even our espresso machines represents the union between the solid values ​​of the past and the aesthetics of a contemporary and luxury design.

This bridge is very picturesque, characterized by five arches, two portals at the ends and a small central religious chapel. As builders and artists of vintage coffee lever machines, we wanted to renew these products and make them contemporary again. Our lever coffee machines are both beautiful and functional, able to fulfill high elegance requirements while they guarantee an excellent taste achievement.

The beautiful Ponte Vecchio was built during the Roman era. So our roots are deeply embedded in the past too: Pontevecchio company was first originated as Sama di Salvatori Marino, producer of reliable and robust lever coffee lever machines in the ’70s. In turn we have added results to these products to make them the most efficient as possible.

The builders of the new version of the bridge in the XIV century realised a new structure based on the ancient building, and so did we with Sama. We renewed a product making it beautiful and functional, able to make an elegant piece of furniture as well to make the best coffee.

As far as lever coffee machines are concerned, we can define products not perfect as they are handcrafted and thus every piece is unique. In every lever coffee machine it is possible to catch sight of artisans work.

You will own the manufacture of experts who studied the professional configuration to make each product a spontaneous form of art.

Ponte Vecchio lever coffee machines

Our professional lever coffee machines have an elegantly minimal design and are entirely built in brass and sheet steel.
The high quality of the components and the ease of installation guarantee the endurance of excellent performance over time. Lever coffee machines are suitable for multiple uses and conform to every taste and need. Their present an essential design for domestic use.

Machines designed for cafès, pubs and restaurants are robust and reliable for strict passionates, refined and efficient for places seeking high quality. Our lever coffee machines are a guarantee symbol. We do not want customers to buy new products. We aim at building a definitive and lasting mutual satisfaction. We’d like to create a bond of trust which can be source of inspiration for us.

The Ponte Vecchio of Pavia was rebuilt on the ruins of a first Roman bridge but its evolution has never stopped as it underwent, over the centuries, restorations, restructurings and modernizations. Also our company was born out of the desire to turn a small workshop with a family base into a company collaborating with major local brands. In the end, we managed to be a well trusted supplier of brands which work in this field.

Thanks to our commitment,the production capacity and the experience acquired, we achieved to start up the Ponte Vecchio S.r.l. Since then we dedicate our experience and technical expertise at the service of customers.
The history of the Ponte Vecchio of Pavia is nothing but the history of our society.