Young and dynamic society, established in early 1999 by a team of entrepreneurs with a 30 years experience in production of mechanical details for small household appliances.

Craftsmanship and attention to clients are main concerns of our company. In fact, each Ponte Vecchio coffee machine is manufactured and assembled by hand by our skilled professional team.

Strong and elegant, the lever espresso machines of our main line are entirely made of brass and steel plate. Simplicity of installation, high quality of the components and the foolproof functionality process enable us to guarantee our products’ best performance, which will last for a long time.


Ponte Vecchio di Pavia (The Old Bridge of Pavia) was built in 1351 on the ruins of a first Roman bridge: over the centuries it has undergone several restorations and even additions to its main structure.

It was one of those admirable medieval constructions, created by technicians-artists (engineers, highly fond of art), who taking in consideration the fashion of their time, were not focused on the symmetry issues but mainly tried to create spontaneous forms to its constructive elements and succeeded: the bridge turned out to be outstandingly beautiful but also functional, adding a unique twist to the river and city landscapes.

It was one of those offbeat constructions with simple shapes, strong and lasting structure with solid basement: the excellence of the artist's’ manual work, compared to ones, produced by the machine.

The history of Ponte Vecchio di Pavia is nothing but the history of our company: that is why we chose it as a symbol of our brand.

We - as Ponte Vecchio, born from the ashes of the Roman era, - base on the traditions of a historic Sama di Salvatori Marino, a legendary producer of lever coffee machines in the 1970s.

We introduced several key improvements and additions to her models to make them current again.

Just as the builders of the new Bridge in 1351, we can also call ourselves technicians-artists, as we’ve been able to modernize a traditional product, making it either beautiful or functional, with a contemporary design able to respond to any sophisticated taste and, at the same time, obtain the best coffee flavor performance.

Our espresso coffee machines, just as the Bridge, are partially irregular, not perfect in shape and symmetry, strong and robust, but all these aspects make each product unique: you will never find two perfectly identical Ponte Vecchio coffee machines. This can be easily explained: behind every item there are no 100% accurate machines but people - professionals with years of experience, who know how to create a product and transform it in a spontaneous form of art.


Today we are living in a consumer society, guided by a concept of "planned o built-in obsolescence".

Does anyone know the life cycles and the average durability of each product?

In an apparent contrast with the the global market trends, Ponte Vecchio proposes something different: a product, if treated with a corresponding respect, attention and care, that can really last forever.

In fact, for its coffe lever machines Ponte Vecchio respects moral and ethical principles, and think about the future of our Planet and its Environment: Ponte Vecchiois not interested in changing its product’s design pursuant to the latest fashion every year, instead, what it really want is to create a reliable timeless espresso machines, you are satisfied since the first purchase.

Our main concern - a clear honest relationship with our clients and their satisfaction - becomes a constant source of inspiration and new ideas.


A small family-run workshop "LA BASE" was born in the late 1970s.

Initially, it collaborated with important local companies and brands.

Over time, it started to specialize in the production of mechanical components for professional household appliances.

Thanks to the serious approach and high productivity, it was established as a trustworthy supplier for plenty of well-known brands in the industry.

In 1999 it started a collaboration with Sama, a historic brand of lever coffee machines, concentrating on manufacturing and designs.

This is how Ponte Vecchio was born: with a desire to bring back to life a historic lever espresso machine and artisanal traditions.